Africa Penguin Pics

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Entering Kruger National Park, South Africa

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Blyde River Canyon, South Africa

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Street market, South Africa

africa3.jpg (76030 bytes)
Campsite, South Africa

africa3a.jpg (97036 bytes)
Great Zimbabwe Ruins, Zimbabwe

africa5.jpg (97449 bytes)
Masvingo, Zimbabwe

africa6.jpg (59181 bytes)
Masvingo courthouse, Zimbabwe

africa4.jpg (50977 bytes)
Tour guide at the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, Zimbabwe

africa7.jpg (69068 bytes)
Matapos National Park, Zimbabwe

africa8.jpg (102679 bytes)
At the grave of Cecil John Rhodes, Zimbabwe

africa9.jpg (55602 bytes)
'Top of the World', Matapos, Zimbabwe

africa9a.jpg (57312 bytes)
'Top of the World', Matapos, Zimbabwe

africa10.jpg (74512 bytes)
Campsite, Botswana

africa11.jpg (35332 bytes)
Viewing the elephants, Chobe,  Botswana

africa12.jpg (69849 bytes)
Chobe, Botswana

africa13.jpg (87633 bytes)
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

africa14.jpg (70898 bytes)
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

africa15.jpg (51981 bytes)
Going for a balloon ride over Victoria Falls

africa16.jpg (59439 bytes)
With the balloon attendant, Victoria Falls

africa18.jpg (58673 bytes)
Going for a helicopter ride over Victoria Falls

africa17.jpg (67733 bytes)
A billboard in Victoria Falls

africa19.jpg (70129 bytes)
Victoria Falls, from Zambia side

africa20.jpg (84179 bytes)
Above Victoria Falls, Zambia

africa21.jpg (69917 bytes)
With some of the crew, Zambia

africa22.jpg (68378 bytes)
At the Pink Baobab Cafe, Victoria Falls,  Zimbabwe

africa23.jpg (91104 bytes)
Going for an elephant ride, Zimbabwe


Penguin Productions - All Photographs by Brian Verch / Bernie Abromaitis