Cook Islands Penguin Pics

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Ready to fly to Aitutaki
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Aitutaki airport
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Penguin transport?!
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Under the palms
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The Pearl Beach Resort
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Tangaroa, the god of fertility
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On the island where 'Shipwrecked' was filmed
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With the band!
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Lost at sea?!
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 Exploring a sandbar
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With the pilots
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And the baggage handlers
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The Penguin gets into the act.
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Enjoying a Rarotongan beach
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Grafitti/art on the beach
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With Pa
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Relaxing by the ocean
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On the Cook Islands' Prime Minister's car!
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Sunset on Rarotonga
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Cafe for Penguins?
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Mid-way point on Rarotonga


Penguin Productions - All Photographs by Brian Verch / Bernie Abromaitis