"I find penguins at present the only comfort in life. One feels everything in the world so sympathetically ridiculous; one can't be angry when one looks at a penguin."

John Ruskin

As our constant companion, The Penguin has been all around the world, having visited 37 countries so far.    The Penguin has even taken to hanging out with Rock Stars like Paul Stanley of KISS and Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick as well as supermodels in Barbados (lucky penguin)!  

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Update:    April 18, 2019:  Vietnam and Taiwan photos added!

April 24, 2018:  Hawaii, Ecuador, Jamaica & Sri Lanka... check!

July 8, 2015:  Photos from Tiki Caliente added!  And lots of photos added since the Tiki Oasis photos!

Sep 29, 2014:  Photos from Tiki Oasis 2014 in San Diego added!  Too much fun!

Oct 22, 2013:  New photos added to Celeb section as well as the Zombie Walk from this past summer!

Jan 5, 2013:  Colombia photos added and we're off on our next  trip - this time to Mexico with a few days in Toronto en route!

 June 27, 2012:  The Penguin meets Real Housewife of Vancouver and recording artist Mary Zilba along with actress & producer Mashiah Vaughn!

May 25, 2012:  Sir Richard Branson meets The Penguin!  And yes, The Penguin was flipped!

May 9, 2012:   Tom Wilson, Ed Sheeran, Skydiggers, Jeremy fisher and BC Lions photos added to the Celeb section.  And new photos added to the Canada section!  Check 'em out!

March 30, 2012:  Cambodia and Hong Kong photos now posted, check 'em out!

Nov 6, 2011:  The Penguin is now in Cambodia!  And lots of new photos added, check 'em out in the Celeb and Canada Travel sections!

Oct 4, 2011: Met lots of folks from CBC, took in concerts by Hawaiian Legends and Garnet Rogers, attended a wedding as well as did the Grouse Grind!  Lots of  photos added - check 'em out in the Celebs, Canada & Weddings sections!

July 19, 2011:  Gene Simmons, Shannon, Nick & Sophie pose with The Penguin!  Check out the great photos in the celeb section!

July 16, 2011:  Photos now posted from Barcelona, Spain!  Check 'em out in the Travel section!

Mar 2, 2011:  The Penguin is now back from Hawai'i with new pics posted in the Travel section! 

Jan. 8, 2011:  Photos from France and Monaco now posted!  And The Penguin is on the road again, or rather, wing!  Next stop, Hawai'i!

Sept 3, 2010:  Photos from Star Wars in Concert and with iconic band leader Dal Richards now posted!

 Feb 4, 2010:  Jamaica photos finally here!   Check out all the photos under the Jamaica section!

Dec 4, 2009:  New pics with Billy Bragg and Elvis impersonators Donny Edwards, Kavan & Garry Wesley! 

Nov 6, 2009:  The Penguin was at another concert by Lee Harvey Osmond and later in the same week at a concert by Mika!  Both great shows and a photo op at each.  Check out the great photos with Lee (aka Tom Wilson) and Mika and his band mates.

July 26, 2009:  The Penguin was at a recent concert by Lee Harvey Osmond.  Great new photos with the band along with Colin Linden, Stephen Fearing & Ray Farrugia!

Nov. 9, 2008:  The Penguin recently posed with Marcia Wallace and Jimmy Pardo!  And recently returned from a trip to Singapore and Malaysia. Lots of new photos coming soon!

Sept 19, 2008:  The Penguin recently posed with Chris Isaak.  Finally!  And also with Brook Silva-Braga, director and star of 'A Map For Saturday'.  Check out the photos in the celebrity section!

March 26, 2008:  The Penguin was recently in Mexico and had a great time with all the JACK FM winners!  Thanks guys!  Check out the new photos in the Mexico section!

February 11, 2008:  The Penguin is back from Hawaii!  Check out all the photos from Oahu, Maui and the Big Island!

January 19, 2007:  The Penguin recently made a trip to Ireland, Amsterdam and Antwerp.  The Ireland photos are finally here so be sure to check them out!

 July 31, 2006:  The Penguin recently made a quick trip to New York to see the play The Drowsy Chaperone.  The play was awesome and we all had a great time visiting the city.  More recently, The Penguin took in another Chris Isaak concert.  Still no photo with Chris but The Penguin did gain his signature.  The Penguin is still not sure if it's happy about that or not!  Hmmmm.....

The Penguin recently posed with The Arrogant Worms and the Polyjesters at their concert.  Great show guys!

The Penguin is now back from Cuba!  Check out the new photos! 

The Penguin is now back from the latest trip to China.  Lots of new photos to check out!

The Penguin is now back from the latest trip to Hawaii, Australia and Fiji!  Be sure to check out all the new photos added for Australia and Fiji! 

The Penguin got to meet and pose with the band Blackie and the Rodeo Kings (Tom Wilson, Colin Linden & Stephen Fearing).  Tom always enjoys The Penguin and it was great to see The Penguin on stage with the band.  The Penguin also got to meet and pose with Joel Kroeker.  He played a great set and watch and listen for him in the future.  Check out their pics in the Celebrity section!

The Penguin recently got to meet guitarist/singer Colin James and Colin proved to be a true gentleman. Not only did he graciously allow himself to be photographed with the Penguin, he thanked ME for allowing him to pose with the Penguin.  Colin's definitely a ten on the "anti-Gene Meter"!  Be sure to check out his photo and a few other new pics in the Celebrity section!

The Penguin has had some interesting experiences lately, not the least of which has been meeting Gene Simmons of KISS.   This was definitely the most surreal encounter the Penguin has ever had.  Once you read the story, I'm sure you'll agree.  Check the story out here.

We're not sure what he's looking for or why he's traveling - he doesn't say a heck of a lot. Perhaps it's "the grass is always greener ..." syndrome. More than likely though, it's probably because his handlers prefer traveling over regular jobs! Also, we don't know what his name is, or if he even has a name. E-mail us with your name suggestion!

The Penguin was also recently at a show called The Storytellers Cabaret, featuring Tom Wilson, Paul Hyde, Ralph, Dave Rave and Kathleen Edwards.  Everybody was awesome and the Penguin spent the entire night on stage adding a nice surreal touch to the event.  The Penguin also managed to get backstage to have a chat with the guys and pose for some more photos. Thanks guys!!  These photos are in the Celebrity section.

Be sure to check our the Celebrities & Personalities section for the latest additions -  Tom Wilson and Bleu.   

Penguin kidnapping!!!  The Penguin was previously kidnapped by the nefarious PLA - the Penguin Liberation Army - check out the full story and photos!

A big thank you to all those who have e-mailed and wrote us about The Penguin's travels. It's great to get the feedback!  Feel free to sign the Guestbook and any travel suggestions you may have for the Penguin.

One of the Penguin's previous trips was to Africa and just before that Peru, Barbados and Thailand.  A big Hi to Angela & Simon and Dennis & Elizabeth!!!  It was great meeting you in Thailand and we're of course completely envious of your continuing travels. Hopefully, the Penguin (& we, his lowly keepers) will be able to tag up with you at some point in the future!

 Previously in Australia, the Penguin was of course very popular and even won a dance contest in Alice Springs (ok, he had just a little help!) !!! The Penguin would like to say hello and give a big thanks to Nudge and Jason for the great outback tour. We're sure the outback will never be the same again! We had a lot of name suggestions on this trip, including 'Cool' and 'Boomer' (The Penguin that always returns), and the very popular suggestion 'Priscilla, Penguin of the Desert' ! Keep those name suggestions coming!

As well, the Penguin previously had a quick visit to Seattle and had an awesome time. A big hello to all the folks down there, particularly Chuck Kurilla of Merchants Cafe and all the great people at Krazy Bird Bar & Grill !!! The Penguin felt quite at home! 

As you can see, the Fiji photos are here!!! The Penguin did an admirable job as Ring Bearer at our wedding which certainly made for a rather atypical ceremony! The trip was awesome and The Penguin was certainly the hit in Fiji! The Fijians were characteristically wonderful and made The Penguin feel most welcome and in fact helped dress him up for our sunset wedding on the beach.

We met so many great people on the Fiji trip, we'd like to say a quick hello to just some of them and that we look to forward to hearing from you in the future: Gail & Gary from Australia (our witnesses!), Nigel from Northern Ireland, Martin & Connie from Austria, Claire from France, Thomas & Shirley from Germany, Martin from the U.K., Minna from Finland (& China), Karen & Steve from England, Bob & Margaret from England, Jo & Jay from Australia, Nicola & David from Wales.

Beware - The Penguin may soon be in your neighbourhood!

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Feel free to email us with any  comments, questions or suggestions, to  "penguin  at  thetravelingpenguin.com" .  The email  address is written that way to avoid the plague of spam so be sure to change the  "at"  to  @.

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