Week of December 25

I wanted to say Merry Christmas and describe the scene to you. There's thick white snow falling softly around the house and as far as I can see. And the lights from our Christmas tree are spilling out the window onto the new snow. You know, it just doesn't get any better than this.

Donald Sutherland, describing life with his wife in Quebec's Eastern Townships, as quoted by Bronwyn Drainie in 1988


Week of December 18

"not a state of euphoria that can be induced by the consumption of alcohol," but rather "a way of looking at things ... a condition of the mind and of the heart."

Cajun author Trent Angers, on Joie de vivre


Week of December 11

Because I am a Canadian, I couldn't really live anywhere else. I have had chances to do so and have never given it serious consideration. I belong here. To divorce yourself from your roots is spiritual suicide. The expatriate, unless he is really a rather special kind of person, is very unhappy. I just am a Canadian. It is not a thing which you can escape from. It is like having blue eyes.

Robertson Davies, from The Enthusiasms of Robertson Davies


Week of December 4

You've got to do it for yourself because if you do it for other people and they reject you, you've got nothing, right?

Jane Siberry


Week of November 27

The Offspring's lead singer and lyricist Bryan "Dexter" Holland, 29, is nearing his Ph.D. in molecular biology, drummer Ron Welty and bassist Greg Kriesel hold degrees in electronics and finance respectively, and guitarist Kevin "Noodles" Wasserman can talk your ear off on any subject.

From an interview with The Offspring, Impact Magazine


Week of November 20

... lucky, bloody lucky, to live in the same time as these giant figures. The world is emptying.

Timothy Findley, On the passing of Northrop Frye


Week of November 13

You can't have too much guacamole at a party!

A line from Melrose Place


Week of November 6

You don't need Little League. You don't even need nine kids. Four is plenty - a pitcher, a batter, and a couple of shaggers. You can play ball all day long. My kids used to try to get me out there, but I'd just say, "Go play with your brothers." If kids want to do something, they'll do it. They don't need adults to do it for them.

Yogi Berra


Week of October 30

All three members of Urge Overkill are experienced bartenders and believe there is nothing as beautiful as a well-mixed cocktail.

From an interview with the band Urge Overkill


Week of October 23

Without an election, the press was in need of a political punching bag, and Ross provided one for at least two weeks. The most conservative insisted that he be humbled, made to understand the facts of Canadian life, taught a sharp lesson: the more extreme papers demanded that his appointment be revoked, and hinted that he ought to go back to Europe, where he obviously belonged, having learned that decent people didn't blaspheme against hockey.

From: "What's Bred in the Bone" - Robertson Davies


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