Week of December 29

What a disappointment the 20th century has been.

Winston Churchill, in 1922


Week of December 22

Kindness is the most important thing. But there is also something called idiot compassion. Be careful that, in your mission to serve, you are not actually making others dependent on you. Furthermore, do not become drained on behalf of others. Replenish yourself with whatever nurtures you. Be good to yourself. Who else will?

Shared Vision


Week of December 15

The Mars research has advanced my life in no capacity. How has it helped your life? Looks like Arizona, tastes like chicken. Billions of dollars. I think we should just blow it up and sniff it as it drifts past.

Charlie Sheen


Week of December 8

Some 700 members of the Bangkok police force will receive training in delivering babies because traffic is so bad an estimated 300 to 400 births a year occur in taxis on the way to hospital.

As noted in the Georgia Straight


Week of December 1

David Merrell finished first in the Virginia state science fair for his experiment showing the effects of music on mice. After running a maze in an average time of 10 minutes, the mice were divided into two groups that were exposed to 10 hours per day of either heavy metal or classical music. After three weeks, the classically educated mice ran the maze in 90 seconds, and the metalhead mice ran it in 30 minutes. Merrell had to cut his experiment short because "all the hard-rock mice killed each other. None of the classical mice did that."

As noted in the Georgia Straight


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