Week of March 31

You can tell a lot about a person by how excited he is to do the Macarena.

Janeane Garofalo


Week of March 24

One thing that I've seen (learned) is no matter how well one knows some part of the world, it is, has, and always will be changing ... nothing is ever certain. As soon as one says "I've done _____ (fill in the name of a place), that place ceases to change in one's mind. For all purposes the adventure is over and that, friends, is not cool.

Michael Brown


Week of March 17

Craven Walker, the inventor of the lava lamp, claims that people who don't like his invention are frightened of sex:

"(It) starts from nothing, grows possibly a little bit feminine, then a little bit masculine, then breaks up and has children."

Craven Walker


Week of March 10

I can see how my opinions on virtually everything have softened as I approach middle age. At 18, I would have said that the three worst things you could become were an army officer, a stockbroker or a farmer, and the three best were a journalist, an actor or a rock star. In fact, the army officers I've met are generally brighter and better informed than most journalists, and the stockbrokers are happier than the actors. All my friends who intended to be rock stars seem to have inherited farms.

Nicholas Coleridge, the managing director of Conde Nast Magazine in Britain, who has just turned 40


Week of March 3

We tried to design things for people of taste, but we found out there were not too many of them. So we went for the flamingos.

Don Featherstone, inventor of the pink plastic flamingo, on his creation's 40th birthday


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