Week of November 26

He looks like a thug... The last one had a kind of poet's head on him.  This guy looks more like a bouncer.

Bono, lead singer of U2, on the birth of his fourth child


Week of November 19

Two security guards were reassigned to other duties at a Central Point, Oregon, concert after they refused to admit headliner Bob Dylan because he didn't have a pass.  When he protested that he really was Bob Dylan, they allegedly replied that they were Santa Claus.  Site manager Chris Borovansky eventually cleared the singer and praised the guards' diligence.  "Mr. Dylan said no exceptions, absolutely none."


Week of November 12

In an interview with Time magazine, Bob Dylan revealed that he hates most modern music ("The radio makes hideous sounds") and argues with his teenage daughter about her tastes.  "I get in fights with her if I talk about music."


Week of November 5

Alice Cooper said that he encourages his son Dashiell to start a band, but that he is more interested in hockey.  "I must be the only father that bangs on the bedroom door and says, "Turn that music up,"  Cooper said.


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