Week of December 25

Zen is practice, experience, life - not explaining, interpreting, investigating, quibbling.  All talk, as the Chinese masters of old say, is at best a finger pointing to the moon.  The finger is not the moon and cannot pull the moon down.

Heinrich Dumoulin


Week of December 18

To have Zen is to be in a state of pure sensation.  It is to be freed from the grip of concepts, to see through them.  This is not the same as rejecting conceptual thinking.  Thoughts and words are in the world and are as natural as flowers.  It is a mistake therefore to think that Zen is anti-intellectual.

Alan Keightley


Week of December 11

Zen is like looking for the spectacles that are sitting on your nose.

Zen Saying


Week of December 4

Zen teaches nothing; it merely enables us to wake up and become aware.  It does not teach, it points.

D. T. Suzuki


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