Penguin Kidnapping


One day I thought it would be fun to take some photos of the Penguin at my workplace so off we went.  I left the Penguin in the care of some co-workers only to find a few hours later that the Penguin had disappeared!  I thought maybe my co-workers  were playing a practical joke and had just hid the Penguin under a desk.  Little did I realize that a very well organized plot, masterminded by the PLA, was well under way.  The Penguin had been kidnapped!

Several hours later I received the first ransom letter.  Click here to see this ransom letter.

Upon my return from lunch I found that the PLA had left another message for me.  Click here to view this message (click back on your browser afterwards to return here). 

There was no sign of the Penguin for the rest of the day although at one point I did receive a voice-mail message from a representative of the PLA.  In what seemed like a bad Irish accent, they told me to ensure I meet the demands or "else the Penguin gets it and there'll be chicken wings for all".  

Later that evening at the company BBQ, with still no sign of the Penguin, a package was mysteriously passed to me.  I didn't even see who dropped the package off.  Inside was a group of photos of the Penguin along with another note.  
Click here to see this note.  

As you can see from the photos below, the Penguin was treated mercilessly by the PLA!  As well, you can tell it was a professional operation as the license plate was cut out of the picture of the Penguin in the kidnapper's car trunk.  Much later that evening, after copious amounts of beer and wine were consumed, the Penguin suddenly appeared on a park bench for a very joyful reunion.  The Penguin appeared to be unharmed from his ordeal although he did acquire a rather risqué tattoo!

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